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Aqua Cell Plastic Trays


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Aqua Cell Plastic Trays

Go foam-free with Aqua Cell meat trays that are made from recycled PET bottles. Each tray is made from at least 60% recycled #1 PET plastic (RPET) and is 100% recyclable. The tray can be recycled again and again, contributing to a circular economy for meat tray packaging.

The Aqua Cells in the tray are specially designed to capture and retain fluid, keeping meat products attractive on the shelf, and preventing the fluid from pooling or leaking out of the tray. The tray works perfectly with film over-wrap, which can be applied manually or by using industry standard auto-wrapping machines. These trays can be used for most cuts of fresh or processed meats, seafood and poultry.

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Carton, Single


11" x 5", 8" x 7"


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