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Vinyl Gloves


Strength and reliability with a generous cuff size makes the Capri glove the market leader, available in powdered and powder free – clear and blue vinyl.




Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl Gloves are perfect for quick and affordable protection.
Premium Powdered and Powder Free gloves
Are an economical choice when high levels of durability
are less of a priority.

Vinyl gloves typically have a looser fit
making them easier for donning and doffing
when you’re using for short-term tasks.

  • Available in blue or clear gloves.
  • lightly powdered or powder free.

Vinyl gloves are comfortable and lightweight,
These gloves are suitable for a variety of general applications.


  • Vinyl.
  • Resists oils, greases and some chemical splashes.
  • Does not contain DOP/DEPH phthalates.
  • Latex free, ideal for latex allergy sufferers.
  • HACCP Australia Food Safety Certification.
  • Lightly powdered or powder free.
  • Ambidextrous design.
  • Low Cost gloves.
  • Perfect for short term and low risk tasks.
  • Loose fit for easy application and removal.
  • Smooth grip surface.

Uses include:

  • Food handling and prep areas i.e. deli’s, sandwich bars and cafes.
  • Food manufacturing and food processing.
  • Excellent for catering and cleaning.
  • General industry



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