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Knorr Aromat Original 75g


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Knorr Aromat Original 75g

Knorr Aromat is a rich blend of herbs and spices, carefully selected to bring out the best in your cooking.

You can use Knorr Aromat just like salt and peper – either in the kitchen while cooking,

or at the table as a condiment.

Knorr Aromat is an ideal seasoning for all meats especially steak, chops, roasts, poultry and hamburgers

just sprinkle on meat to give your meat dishes a unique flavour.

make every meal a story

the taste you’ll fall in love with again and again. go on!

shake our original flavor favorite on pizza, popcorn, pap, stews,

just about anything, and make a meal worth talking about.

To open your KNORR AROMAT canister pull the tamper tab on the lid from the left to right.

Close cap after use.

To refill your KNORR AROMAT canister, turn it upside down,

pull the tamper tab towards you, then use a spoon to lift the bottom seal open,

and empty in a refill sachet. its that easy.


salt, modified maize flour (contains genetically modified material)

flavor enhancer (monosodium glutamate),

yeast extract, flavor enhancers (E631, E627),

hydrogenated vegetable fat (palm fruit, contains antioxidant TBHQ),

anticaking agent(E551),

mushroom flakes, dehydrated onion,

radurised spices (cloves, turmeric, celery),

radurised bay leaves, garlic powder,

flavorant (onion).


this product contains wheat gluten,

cow’s milk.

this product was manufactured in a factory that also processes egg and soya

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Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 9 cm


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