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BIN BOMBS Bin Odour Solutions

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How To Use
A Few Scoops is All It Takes!
The very first time you use BIN BOMBS in your waste bin, scatter four (4) scoops of the granules into the empty bin as an initial dose. Then following that, after each time the bin is emptied, simply use ONE-TWO (1-2) scoop(s) for a fresh odour-free bin! For particularly nasty-smelling waste bins, add a few more scoops of granules as required until bad odours are replaced with the pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS. [A scoop is about 1-tablespoon.

Make Your Home or Office Odour-Free
You can make your home or office odour-free by utilising the unique and pleasant fragrance of BIN BOMBS in all those areas that create bad odours.
A small amount of BIN BOMBS placed under the plastic liner of kitchen tidy bins, desk bins, nappy and sanitary napkin bins can keep these areas smelling fragrant and fresh for up to one month before requiring a top-up.

BIN BOMBS can also be placed in small organza or cheese-cloth bags and placed in toilets, cleaning closets and wardrobes making them smell always fresh and clean

Pet areas can also be freshened up with BIN BOMBS in and around their living area. Because the product is 100% natural it is now being used and sold in veterinary centres to quell and deodorise the smell of pet poop. A small amount of BIN BOMBS mixed into kitty litter or placed over cat poop does wonders to enhance and refresh the immediate environ. The product can also be placed over pet poop in the back yard.

BIN BOMBS is also non-flammable and safe to place under BBQ’s near the drip tray to control bad odours that can emanate from this area.

Try a little BIN BOMBS in your car ashtray or under the seat to keep your car smelling fresh.

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