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Arnott’s Tim Tam Portions (150)

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Arnott’s Tim Tam Portions
Arnott’s Original Individual Tim Tams are sweet treats that you can enjoy at work, school or in the home.
With a 150 individually wrapped portions in this pack keeping them fresh and making them ideal for use in
canteens, hotels, hospitals and other places where you need to provide snacks for a large amount of people.

  • Each portion is 18 g.
  • 150 individually wrapped portions in this pack.
  • Ideal for use in your workspace, hospitals, hotels or canteens.
  • Packaged in tight cellulose wrap so that they stay fresh for longer.
  • To maintain their freshness, keep these bsicuits in a cool, dry place away from direct sun.
  • These biscuits make a great accompaniment to coffee and tea.


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